Scope of Inspection

Home Inspection Services in Comox

What is the “Scope of Inspection”

The Scope of Inspection identifies the range of services and activities that the licensed members of this professional are educated and legally required to provide. The document describes the professional activities and areas of professional practice. The Scope of Inspection defines the minimum standard of practice for all HIA home inspectors in British Columbia. The scope of work of an individual home inspector must meet the requirements outlined in this document but may include additional inspection services where the home inspector is qualified and / or has special knowledge. The scope of the home inspector’s review of a home is a contractual matter, therefore, any additional services provided to the client beyond the Scope of Inspection must be communicated through a contractual signed agreement with the client.

The working premise of this document is that licensed home inspectors will demonstrate minimum, entry level competencies and will conduct their work competently in a variety of home inspection environments. The practice requirements represent the expectations of a ‘typical’ not an ‘expert’ home inspector. A specialist may be hired to provide addtional analysis and opinion of adverse conditions or defects identified, beyond this Scope of Inspection.