Busted! Don't Believe These Myths About Home Inspection!

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A home inspection is a crucial component of a real estate transaction for buyers, sellers, and realtors. For a buyer, a home inspection will describe the condition of a house and report problems or deficiencies. For a seller, an inspection will speed up the sale and generate a fair deal. Realtors make the entire process smooth for all parties.

While inspections have become important for most homeowners, only a few are aware of how home inspection and home inspectors work. There are still plenty of misguided beliefs that are being circulated which overpower the facts. Believing these falsehoods will result in a poor final decision that could lead to expensive regrets.  

To help you avoid falling prey to these misconceptions, Advanced Home Inspections has debunked a few of the most widely believed myths about home inspection.

Myth 1: A home inspection will prevent you from buying a dud.

Most home inspections will adhere to a scope that will give you an outline of what the home inspector will and will not do. It is essential to realize that a home inspection can be extremely limited depending on the level of accessibility. Poor access to the attic or crawlspace can lead to some significant blind spots that could cost you a lot. Communication with your inspector is also vital. Remember, not all inspectors are trained equally. A background in construction and building science is always a good sign though.

Myth 2: A home inspection report is only for buyers.

Home inspections can benefit sellers and buyers alike. A pre-listing home inspection allows sellers to address an outstanding issue before the house is sold. They help the process in many ways, resulting in faster sales, increased comfort levels, fewer re-negotiations, reduced uncertainty, and lower liability.

Myth 3: A new home does not need an inspection.

Home builders have to meet the minimum requirements of the building code that exists at the time of building the home, but those are minimum requirements and may not result in the best construction. There are also many times home builders take shortcuts to save money or speed up a project. Having an inspection completed by a home inspector before closing can help uncover issues that may exist, and provide a homeowner with peace of mind.

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